Interview Questions for CMA

General Questions

  1. What experience do you have in Finance/Accounting field?
  2. What made you choose to apply for this Finance job?
  3. What are your top 3 skills that you feel you can bring and help you in this Finance/Accounting job?
  4. Can you describe a recent situation in which you accomplished an important objective in a brief period of time?
  5. Do you prefer team work or individual work?
  6. What process/method do you use to ensure accuracy?
  7. What are your company’s strengths and how do you capitalise on them?
  8. What are your company’s weaknesses and how are you dealing with them?
  9. What changes do you anticipate in the industry?
  10. What risks will your company face due to industry changes?
  11. How would you describe the business culture?
  12. How have you strategically responded to the competition?
  13. What legislation is pending that will affect the firm?
  14. Where will the major sources of your business be in the next 5 years’?
  15. How is worker performance measured and reviewed?
  16. Do you have a mentor program? What formal training programs are in place?
  17. What is the company’s management style?
  18. What challenges are facing the finance department currently? How is the business currently acting on them?
  19. What are the key skills that you require for the role?
  20. Describe my initial assignments?
  21. How is this position likely to change in the next year to two year period?
  22. From all the accountabilities on the job description, what duties are likely to take most time?

Accounting Questions

  1. How do you manage online finance operations and describe a method you used to prepare a report?
  2. How is the income statement linked to the balance sheet?
  3. When working on a particular project, describe a time when you provided strategic analysis to drive improved decision making. What was the situation? How did you come up with your resolutions?
  4. What is goodwill?
  5. What is the current tax rate in the country you currently live in?
  6. What financial experience do you have to date?
  7. Is it possible for a company to show positive cash flows but be in grave trouble?
  8. What have you done to improve your Finance knowledge in the last year?
  9. What is a deferred tax asset and why might one be created?
  10. What is a deferred tax liability and why might one be created?
  11. What have you learned from your mistakes in your last Finance job?
  12. What is working capital?
  13. What are deferred taxes?
  14. Explain what is meant by private equity. Which method do you use to calculate company assets invested in external projects?
  15. In which conditions would a company prefer a debt over equity finance?
  16. Walk me through a cash flow statement.
  17. Explain macroeconomics/capital markets/investment theory?
  18. I buy a piece of equipment, walk me through the impact on the 3 financial statements.
  19. Where do you think interest rates will be 1 year from now?
  20. What do you think about the economy and interest rates?
  21. What is working capital?
  22. Which financial reporting software/method did or have you used in the past?
  23. How is it possible for a company to show positive net income but go bankrupt?
  24. Which departments might you have worked with in the collection of any financial data?
  25. Do you have any specific accounting/finance qualifications?
  26. Why do capital expenditures increase assets (PP&E), while other cash outflows, like paying salary, taxes, etc., do not create any asset, and instead instantly create an expense on the income statement that reduces equity via retained earnings?
  27. Did you ever have to present financial reports to management?
  28. Why are increases in accounts receivable a cash reduction on the cash flow  statement?

Accounts Receivable and Payable Questions

  1. What have you learned from your mistakes in your last Finance job?
  2. How many transactions where you expected to process on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? Did you reach those targets?
  3. What kind of targets did you have to deal with in your last Accounting job?
  4. What previous experience do you have in arranging payment agreements?
  5. On average what was the volume (number) of invoices you had to collect and/or pay?
  6. What would you do if a client could not pay their financial bill?
  7. How do you/would you prioritise payments?