Features of Foreign Trade Policy

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Features of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP):
1. Export-Import is free unless specifically regulated by the provisions of the FTP.

2. Export and Import goods are broadly categorized as
I. Free (i.e. general goods freely import or export without any authorization).
II. Restricted (i.e. goods allowed to import or export only with authorization).
III. Prohibited (i.e. goods are not allowed to import or export)

3. There are restrictions on exports and imports for various strategic, health, and otherreasons.

4. Exports are promoted through various promotional schemes.

5. There should be no taxes on exports.

6. Capital goods can be imported at NIL duty for the purpose of exports under the scheme of Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme.

7. EOU‘S and SEZ units are exempted from payment of taxes.

8. Deemed exports concept introduced.

9. Duty credit scrip‘s schemes are designed to promote exports of some specified goods to specified markets and to promote export of specified services.


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CMA CLUB INDIA is best option for GST Certificate Course

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