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CAS Title Author / Compiler
1 Classification of Cost Geetanjali Saini
2 Capacity Determination Santosh Kumar Tiwari
3 Production and Operation Overhead Ravi Kumar Singh
4 Cost of Production for Captive Consumption
5 Determination of Average Cost of Transportation
6 Material Cost
7 Employee Cost Gaurav Jha
8 Cost of Utilities Neha Sharma
9 Packing Material Cost Pooja Sharma
10 Direct Expenses Sanjana Kapoor
11 Administrative Overheads
12 Repair and Maintenance Cost
13 Cost of Service Cost Centre Yatin Bhalla
14 Pollution Control Cost
15 Selling and Distribution Overheads
16 Depreciation and Amortization
17 Interest and Financing Charges
18 Research and Development Cost Sandeep Verma
19 Joint Cost
20 Royalty and Technical Know-how Fee Paridhi Taak
21 Quality Control
22 Manufacturing Cost
23 Overburden Removal Cost
24 Treatment of Revenue in Cost Statement