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Judge ! Who is Right?

I am Member of ICMAI form 1st Apirl 2015.
worked for NIRC for one year. I Wanted to do all kinds of work for NIRC. but i cant flatter (Chaplusi) anyone. so denied some work against anyone. i was man of the match in CMA Cricket League. I removed from Team just because of personal reason. I had this line ” if you do not allow me to work, i will work as an NGO. and next day started a charitable trust named “CMA CLUB INDIA” ON 10 th March 2016.
last two years i worked hard for profession.
u can see here.. (Without any support)
All want to stop me due to personal reason so they using power and system of Our institute. All problem started by this leader without any notice. its bad impression for our institute.
you never stop me bz i have vision mission and dedication for our profession.
remaining you all can decide who is right.
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